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Spencer Vasey Successfully Defends Client in Jury Trial

Elverson Vasey attorney Spencer Vasey obtained a successful jury verdict for her client following a three-day jury trial in the Iowa District Court for Polk County. The Plaintiff claimed he had sustained a concussion and soft tissue injuries in a rear-end motor vehicle accident with Ms. Vasey’s client. He further claimed that the accident led him to suffer from grand mal seizures and disabling migraines. The Plaintiff claimed around $14,000 in past medical expenses and $75,000 in future medical expenses.

The Plaintiff demanded policy limits throughout litigation. The Defense argued there was no medical evidence the Plaintiff had sustained a concussion in the accident, or that the seizures or migraines were related to the accident. Prior to trial, the Defendant offered to confess judgment against him in the sum of $5,000.

Through pretrial motions, Ms. Vasey successfully prevented the Plaintiff from arguing that he suffered seizures as a result of the accident. The Defendant admitted fault at trial but argued to the jury there was no evidence the Plaintiff sustained a concussion or suffered migraines as a result of the accident. During closing arguments, the Plaintiff argued for damages far in excess of any prior demands.

The Jury returned verdict for the Plaintiff in the sum of $1,720, which included $910 for past medical expenses, $630 for past pain and suffering, and $810 for past loss of full body and mind.