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Partner, Jon Vasey, Obtains Defense Verdict at Polk County Trip and Fall Jury Trial

Jon Vasey obtained a defense verdict for his client in a Polk County jury trial last week. The suit arose out of a trip and fall incident that happened on a sidewalk in front of a commercial property owned by Mr. Vasey's client. The Plaintiff claimed that she tripped due to a failure to maintain the sidewalk, which she alleged caused a portion of the sidewalk to be slightly raised. The Plaintiff suffered a wrist fracture and underwent surgery as a result of the fall.

The Plaintiff made a final pre-trial demand of $300,000 and asked the jury at trial to award her $375,000. Mr. Vasey argued there was no fault and the Plaintiff should be awarded $0.00.

The jury entered a verdict for the Defendant, finding that the Plaintiff herself was 100% at fault for the trip and fall. The Plaintiff recovered $0.00.