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Josh Strief Successfully Defends Clients in Jury Trial

Elverson Vasey attorney Josh Strief obtained another successful jury verdict, this time representing a father and son sued for personal injuries from a March 2016 rear-end collision.

Plaintiff claimed she sustained soft tissue neck and back injuries as a result of the automobile accident, with most of her care consisting of consistent chiropractic and massage therapy treatment for more than three years. However, more than half her chiropractic care was provided by the Plaintiff’s own husband. Plaintiff’s husband created invoices charging Plaintiff for her chiropractic care and submitted those bills as part of the lawsuit. Plaintiff racked up over $7,000.00 bills for chiropractic care and massage therapy she allegedly received because of the accident.

Before trial, Plaintiff’s lowest demand was $75,000.00, and the Defendants offered to confess judgment for $4,800.00. At trial, Defendants admitted fault for the accident, leaving causation of injuries and damages as the only issues for the jury. During closing arguments, Plaintiff’s attorney requested more than $60,000.00 for past damages, as well as additional damages for forty-two years of future loss of function and pain and suffering.

On July 10, 2019, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff for $860.00, awarding $460.00 for past medical expenses and $400.00 for past pain and suffering.