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Jon Vasey and Spencer Vasey Dirth Successfully Defend Client in Personal Injury Jury Trial

Jon Vasey and Spencer Vasey Dirth successfully defended their client in a personal injury jury trial which was conducted on January 24, 2022, in Polk County, Iowa.

The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident which the 38-year-old plaintiff claimed caused her to be totally disabled, unable to work, and unable to function on a daily basis due to an alleged traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff had successfully applied for and obtained Social Security Disability for the injuries she attributed to the accident.

The plaintiff had three medical experts testify that she was permanently disabled and unable to work as a result of her traumatic brain injury. Prior to trial, the plaintiff demanded 1.25 million dollars to settle the case and at trial, the plaintiff and her husband asked the jury to award 6.8 million dollars in damages against the defendant, including 1.5 million loss of income due to her alleged inability to work since the accident.

The defense retained medical and psychiatric experts to refute the plaintiff's claims and presented the jury with extensive photographic and video evidence uncovered by defense counsel through social media and other sources.

After four days of evidence, the jury awarded the injured plaintiff $111,200 and awarded her husband $11,860 for loss of consortium.