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Attorney Spencer Vasey Dirth Obtains Defense Verdict in Jury Trial With Admission of Fault

Attorney, Spencer Vasey Dirth, obtained a defense verdict in a jury trial in Marshall County in which the defendant, Ms. Dirth's client, admitted fault.

The case arose out of a motor vehicle accident that took place in August of 2020. The parties stipulated to the defendant's fault, leaving only causation and damages for the jury to decide. The plaintiff claimed the accident caused a variety of soft tissue injuries and sought damages for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and loss of full mind and body. The defendant stipulated to the amount of medical expenses incurred after the accident but argued that the expenses were not necessitated by the accident. The defendant also argued that the plaintiff was not injured in the accident and did not lose income as a result of the accident.

After all evidence was presented, the case was submitted to the jury, which determined that the defendant had not caused any item of damage to the plaintiff and was not entitled to damages.